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Thank you for stopping by our site!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products. If you don't see something you are specifically looking for in our galleries, get in touch with us and we can certainly try to make it happen for you.

We offer products, that are unique and of high quality typically not offered by traditional corporate gift companies.


We offer an integrated service from conception to delivery with unique packaging.

We respond quickly to your needs, within your budget, and according to your schedule.

We take the time to understand all aspects of your corporate culture. Your concern becomes our concern! Give us a call!


International Corporate Gifting

Tree Of Life made of Canadian Aluminium and maple wood base. Offered to French Dignitaries.

Limoges Candle Box offered by United Technologies for a spousal program at the Paris Air Show.

Created for the Prince of Saudi Arabia International Business Tour for the custom of passing the coffee cup.

A gift must meet the needs of your corporate culture and target market. CONCEPT will help you offer quality gifts that respect the essence of your corporate brand. We create excitement !!! Here are a few more examples…

International Gifting
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